About Martini Town

Hello Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Visitors,

We look forward to welcoming you to Martini Town!  This film backlot has been busy since it opened, and I am thrilled to invite you to see it come to life for our month-long Merry & Bright event.

Martini Town sits on our 16-acre site located in Langley, British Columbia. It was designed and built by talented local film crew and since 2020, has been used as a backdrop for numerous TV series, movies, and commercials. The town boasts unique facades that are not commonly found in our region and/or are in high demand. There is a New York-themed Brownstone Street, a movie theatre with a lit marquis, a coffee shop, an urban alley, a courthouse, a small town, a diner, and a town square. These facades at Martini Town add to the selection of popular filming sites in Langley which entice production to bring their film or TV project to our community.

Sneak Peek Video Tour

This video was created in 2021 with the aim of promoting Martini Town to international film and TV producers. Since then, there have been some additions to the town including a courthouse, a small town, a diner, and a turfed town square. This December, we are planning to turn every corner of Martini Town into a Winter Wonderland for Merry & Bright.

I would like to share my gratitude for the local Film Crew who worked with us bringing Martini Town to life for Merry & Bright. It would not be possible without your hard work and talents.  From concept, design, site prep and decorating to crafty, traffic control and daily site management, the coordination of this month-long holiday event has taken large-scale efforts equal to that of prepping and managing a full-scale production. Thank you for your engagement, involvement, and enthusiasm!

Martini Town Merry & Bright was created to bring some light and joy into the holiday season. We acknowledge that many members of our community are facing hardship and to provide our support, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Langley Food Bank.

In closing, thank you for supporting the Film Industry in your community throughout the year. The telltale fluorescent arrows may indicate an interruption in your journey, but be assured that we, as an industry, endeavour to leave your community a better place by supporting local shops and restaurants and by employing dozens to hundreds of crew on each production, some of whom are likely to live near to you!

Happy Holidays – may they be both Merry & Bright!

Gemma Martini
Founder of Martini Film Studios 

ATTENTION MEDIA: Please contact marketing @ martinifs.com for high-resolution images, video files and interview requests. The above images and others are available in high-resolution JPEG.

Select Photos of the Martini Town Set